About Us

Come hang out with us… in The Lemon Tree
D'nelle & kids at the beachThe Lemon Tree is truly a dream turned into reality. Drawing from suppliers around Australia and across the globe, it is my passion to provide parents with the latest in edgy children’s fashion whilst staying true to my commitment to living an eco friendly life. The two no longer need to be mutually exclusive.
I’m a mother of three, with a husband, a noisy house and a very busy life. In short, I’m probably just like you. So, having walked in your shoes, I have the knowledge and experience to help you find just what you need.
The products I stock in The Lemon Tree are the clothes my kids wear, the toys they play with, the books they read. Our values based approach places an emphasis on organic cotton wherever possible, and wood over plastic. Real products that can be for right now, handed down to siblings, or across generations. Therefore, lessening the impact on our environment.
From humble beginnings, when as a young mum in rural NSW (with the limited fashion choices country living brings) I first went online looking for funky clothes for my toddler, The Lemon Tree has grown into the website you see before you. The site is as much about creating memories as it is piecing together the latest look. And we bring it all to you, accessed from the convenience of your couch or kitchen.
Nothing could be simpler.
So thanks for stopping by. Feel free to take a look around. We’re sure to have that piece you have been looking for… right here in The Lemon Tree.