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The SwimFin is a revolutionary new swimming aid for children. In fact, it’s three things in one:

An innovative learn to swim aid for kids of all ages;
A safe and secure, non-inflatable flotation device; and
A fun swim toy for use in swimming lessons and for recreational play in the pool or at the beach.
We promise you that your kids are going to LOVE this product!

It allows for complete freedom of movement for the arms and legs

It automatically adjusts the amount of support required by rising up out of the water as the swimmer becomes more horizontal

It does not tip the user forwards,as long as child has full body control, i.e. typically from age 2

It can be used on all four strokes!

SwimFin has been extensively tested and complies with the following safety standards:

•International standards EN 71 and EN 13138 •Australian standard AS 1900 – 2002


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6 reviews for SWIM FIN

  1. Trudy

    The swim fin gave my little boy so much confidence in the water. He will now let go of my while he swims and tries to use big arms and kick his legs like he’s being taught to do at swimming lessons. The improvement was almost immediate.

  2. Nicole

    My son loves the SwimFin he thinks it is great to pretend to be a shark with it and there are no hassles about wearing it because its fun too. D’Nelle sent the product the day I ordered it and I received it the next day, service was great.

  3. Anonymous

    I purchased 2 Swim Fins for my two and four year old boys. I wanted to be able to take them both swimming on my own but as neither of them can swim and my 4 year old is terrified or water it is normally too difficult. The Swim Fin has been really great. My 2 year old (who loves water) can totally doggy paddle around on his own without any help. It has helped my 4 year old gain some confidence in the water too as before he was too frightened to let go of me. I would definitely recommend these Swim Fins to anyone with children who are learning to swim or need a little help in the water.

  4. Nik

    I bought this for my almost 4 year old nephew who is still a little hesitant about the water, and we took him to the pool to try it out for the first time on the weekend and he was like a different child! He was going in (the shallow end) by himself, and was telling all the other little kids ‘I’m a shark’. It gave him so much more confidence and the ‘dress up’ aspect of it is so handy to get them in the pool if they are cautious!

  5. Karly Hartas

    Took my 4 year old a whole 10 minutes to get used to it. It helped her to use her swimming skills whilst keeping her afloat. Really love it

  6. Amanda

    My 2 year old daughter absolutely loves her swim fin …cant wait to put her shark on
    My husband was initially a bit unsure about it but soon came around after a few swims with it & seeing how much she liked it . Her confidence has grown so much over the holidays & i feel confident to let her explore & find her way .highly recommend the swim fin

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